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ABSI: St Michael's Collegiate School

Hobart, Tasmania AUSTRALIA | Girls Boarding School














Type of School: Girls                                         Religion: Anglican                  

Year Levels: K-12                                               Boarding Year Levels: 5-12

Number of Students:  900                              Student to Faculty Ratio: 10:1

Boarding Capacity:  60                                    *Boys attend classes:  Years 11/12

Set in the picturesque city of Hobart, Collegiate provides a world-class education in a safe corner of the globe known for its scenic beauty, culture and warm sense of community.  Collegiate has a well-earned reputation for academic excellence - a symbol of the remarkable teaching and learning framework that has long challenged girls to be forward thinkers and problem solvers. However, the multifaceted curriculum reaches far beyond academia. A unique blend of artistic, sporting, and outdoor educational experiences are combined to develop self-belief, courage, leadership and resilience.


Founded in 1892, St Michael’s Collegiate School is a rich learning environment shaped by Christian values, where a student is free to dream, equipped to achieve and set for life.   


Visitors who step inside the doors of St Michael's Collegiate often comment that they can sense something special. Sometimes they remark on the girls' confidence, sometimes it's their energy but most often it's the strong relationships that are evident within the School. Discovering the difference that the right school can make for your daughter is what makes the Collegiate community so special.


Integral to Collegiate's success are the School’s five interdependent Guiding Principles which are statements of what is valued by the School community and what the School wished to achieve:


1. Effective learning occurs in a positive, safe and inspiring environment.

2. Learning is internationally and culturally inclusive.

3. Quality staff meet the learning needs of every individual student.

4. Outstanding staff provide exceptional teaching and effective learning opportunities.

5. Dynamic learning environments, resources and technologies contribute to optimal student growth and development.


Developing and delivering on the aspirations embodied in these statements is a central imperative of the rich curriculum framework at Collegiate.



Reflecting the focus on the needs of girls and young women, Collegiate offers a three-campus structure to best cater for students as they progress through different developmental stages.


Junior School

Our Junior School is renowned for its warm community village feel and is designed specifically to support the needs of girls from the Early Learning Years through to Year 4. The Junior School environment abounds with excitement as each girl embarks on her own learning adventure and begins to form lifelong friendships.


Middle School

From Years 5 to 8, Collegiate students move into the Middle School Campus where learning affords them further independence and responsibilities as they journey towards adolescence. The Middle School is rich in its support network as girls transition through this special time in their lives. It is in this environment that girls develop independence as learners and move to take responsibility for their own personal growth.


Senior School

Collegiate's Senior School delivers outstanding facilities and support for young women in Years 9 to 12. Students are encouraged to explore a myriad of pathways for the future. Each young woman is mentored towards attaining her personal best and is empowered to grasp every opportunity.

The Collegiate journey is as unique as it is special. Each girl treads her own path of personal discovery in order to become set for life.


Beati Mundo Corde from Matthew 5:8-10 translates as
‘blessed (are those) with a pure heart’.

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